Thursday, August 25, 2011

This Weeks Inspiration: Lys Agnes ft Cai Tingyu

(Cai Tingyu)

(Lys Agnes)

If you haven't been watching America's Got Talent, I must mention a beautiful singer named Lys Agnes. Lys is right up my alley because she defeats the stigma for the word "how." How an opera singer looks? How an opera singer will sing? She changes everything! Nothing fill my little heart with more content than seeing someone who steps outside the expected image or lifestyle, like seeing a Cellist with tattoos, a heavy-set model, or a roller derby playing nurse. In my opinion people like Lys Agnes makes this world a better more colorful place to live!
This last week she covered "Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence. In a way Lys reminds me Cai Tingyu ( A beautiful Chinese singer who has also covered "Habenera" from the popular opera Carmen, with a twist!) Both women are beautiful, strong, inspirational people. Yes, I am an opera fan! I allways try to explain to people that opera can be different and entertaining but of course if you are not a fan it is like talking to a brick wall (yeah, we are all intitled to an opinion >.>)
Agnes sticks to the original sound but adds a different setting. When Cai changes the sound, look and feel of opera!

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