Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This Weeks Inspiration: Cheeming Boey

This weeks (or whenevers) inspiration was found by me stalking the Sharpie website for challenges (the Sharpie website offers challenges and tutorials for Sharpie club members.) I was looking through the blog and came across an artist named Cheeming Boey, who does his artwork on paper coffee cups. I am becoming a huge fan. On his website you can look through his journal, which is very entertaining! I like Cheeming Boey's original Shel Silverstien/Keri Smith-ish style.
I would love to be as talented as him. I find that nowadays it's difficult to be completely original in art because almost everything has been done! So I try my best to add many twists and turns to what has already passed!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Birthday Challenge Update

A couple articles down I speak about for my 16Th Birthday I would do a "Everyday Photo" video. Well, turns out that may have to be delayed till further notice, but I found my journals. I am making a plan to journal every single day Yes, everyday! I know it doesn't sound special or difficult to the least but I am a person who isn't very good at communication, out loud or on paper. It can be extremely difficult for my to document my day everyday.
At my local dollar store I found a set of four Twilight journals. Yeah, I know Twilight sucks and I agree but the journals are convenient and one fits in my purse perfectly.
I had a very nice Birthday party by the way. I had a Unicorn cake, a bar of candies, and my family.
Not to mention I got the Lime Crime lipstick shade I always wanted!
All in all it was a great day!

It's Almost Here!

So, being the lucky girl that I am for my Birthday my mother bought me Lime Crime's lipstick 'My Beautiful Rocket' it is almost here (knowledge due to Track and Confirm on
It arrived in Charleston yesterday and should be coming soon!
I can't wait. I will have to do a mini photo shoot because so much has changed with my appearance. I now have red hair, an undercut, and I've lost some more weight!
Sadly, I am not as cool as Doe Deere but I can try to be. Look for my post and video review on Youtube and mookychick (if it gets approved, cross your fingers!)

New Mooky Article!

So, I have a new article on and I am probably a little early (if anyone even reads this.) The article speaks about the semi-popular hair trend, the Undercut. Undercut is a term for when you cut or shave a section of the hair where there is another layer that falls over. The article is taking a little bit but it is most likely posted now.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

This Weeks Inspiration: Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo de Rivera was born in Coyoacán, Mexico. Born Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderón. Frida was a Mexican painter with extraordinary talents. Frida is a feminist icon that we can all learn beautiful lessons from. At the age of six she developed polio, which made one leg appear much smaller than the other. She went through a terrific accident that caused large amounts of pain and hurt her ability to reproduce. She went through a volatile relationship with her husband Diego Rivera.
Her appearance is well known in history. She had a uni brow, hair with flowers, big brown eyes, and traditional Mexican dress. I personally love her to death. Her artwork and past inspires me so much. I hope to get a Frida Kahlo tattoo sometime in the distant future. I also want to be Frida for Halloween.
I believe that there is much to be learned and feelings of inspiration thanks to Frida Kahlo.
She is my hero and I hope you see her the same!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

This Weeks Inspiration: Lys Agnes ft Cai Tingyu

(Cai Tingyu)

(Lys Agnes)

If you haven't been watching America's Got Talent, I must mention a beautiful singer named Lys Agnes. Lys is right up my alley because she defeats the stigma for the word "how." How an opera singer looks? How an opera singer will sing? She changes everything! Nothing fill my little heart with more content than seeing someone who steps outside the expected image or lifestyle, like seeing a Cellist with tattoos, a heavy-set model, or a roller derby playing nurse. In my opinion people like Lys Agnes makes this world a better more colorful place to live!
This last week she covered "Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence. In a way Lys reminds me Cai Tingyu ( A beautiful Chinese singer who has also covered "Habenera" from the popular opera Carmen, with a twist!) Both women are beautiful, strong, inspirational people. Yes, I am an opera fan! I allways try to explain to people that opera can be different and entertaining but of course if you are not a fan it is like talking to a brick wall (yeah, we are all intitled to an opinion >.>)
Agnes sticks to the original sound but adds a different setting. When Cai changes the sound, look and feel of opera!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Lime Crime... Why You No Let Me Have You!?

They are mostly known for their bright colors, some what expensive makeup, and their so called
"scams." Well, I don't know how true the scam part is and I really don't care. I have heard allot of good, bad, and ugly things about Lime Crime makeup but being the materialistic teen I am, I choose to ignore the bad and ugly part.
Some of the negative feed back was:
  • It's expensive (true, I am a regular on sale buyer so any "main brand professional makeup" is too expensive for me.)
  • It's way too gooky (not sure how true that is, but I think its something I can deal with, allot of people who made reviews said it was a good makeup)
  • It can fall apart easily due to "cheap" packaging (have to say I love the unicorn lipstick case!)
  • And of course scams scams scams!

Some people who started all the LC drama claimed that Doe Deere (the founder of Lime Crime) was a greedy con artist, her makeup lines are stolen, and the make up if awfully cheap and expensive. Yet, most if not all Youtube video reviews were positive statements with only one to two complaints.

I think their colors are amazing! When I look at the Lime Crime website I see unicorns, glitter, color, makeup and my heart feels like it is going to explode!

The shades of lipstick I really want are "My Beautiful Rocket", "D'Lilac" and "No She Didn't."

Yes, there is eyeshadow to but all of them are loose powders which I tend to dislike. Though the colors of the LC eyeshadow are vivid!

Just to inform you this is not a review, it is simply a statement that I want this makeup very badly.